Takeda Shingen
Japanese Name タケダ・シンゲン
Gender Male
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 3


Leader of the Takeda clan. Shingen is a proud and noble warrior who set his sights on Nobunaga the moment he heard the boy had gained a Saint War Armor. He values honor and despises backhanded means such as assassination. His Giant War Armor, Fuurin Kazan, is enhanced greatly by the two Regalia in his possession, the Regalia of Wind and Fire. Following his loss to Nobunaga and death at Caesar's hands, Shingen passed on his regalia to Nobunaga.


He wears a Samurai Battle Armor, with a Kabuto Helm with horns and a large white wig. He is bald and has a mustache.


Takeda Shingen is the lord of the Takeda Clan. He is a wise and brave leader who respects the way of the samurai. He is true man and never gives up his word.


He was killed by Gaius Julius Caesar.