Oda Nobukatsu
Japanese Name オダ・ノブカツ
Gender Male
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 2


He was the second successor to the small kingdom of Owari on the East Star. He was also the brother of both Ichihime and Nobunaga Oda, as well as the son of the former heir Nobuhide Oda.


He has short grey hair with red eyes. His clothes are typically Japanese : a kimono top and hakama pants.


Nobukatsu has a gentle, nice,  and caring personality. He believes that peace can be achived through communication, that fighting isn't necessary. It's clear that he looks up to his brother, Nobunaga, and cares about him. During his coming of age ceremony, he seems very saddened by his brother's absence, and he always carries the clock that Nobunaga gave him. He asks those who are close to his brother to take care of him in his stead.

The fact that he wears a hakama can be related to his personality as the hakama represents the bushido virtues : Integrity, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty. Nobukatsu shows all of these qualities.

His coming of age ceremony is shown during the second episode, which would make him around 15 years old.


After the death of his father, Nobuhide, the clan's advisors wanted Nobukatsu to be the clan lord, as they believed he would be a much better successor than Nobunaga despite being the youngest.

Nobukatsu had faith in his brother, and said he would accept but only while his brother was absent. His wish was to stop all wars so he could protect his family and the Owari kingdom, then he would let his brother in charge. He confessed his wish to Mitsuhide, who thought that once Nobukatsu would be in charge, the advisors would not let him step aside, and that the kindgom would fall. Although he acknowlodged his qualities, Mitushide wanted Nobunaga to rule the clan, and decided to kill Nobukatsu. He realized Mitsuhide was the one who killed him, and the last thing he did was ask him to take care of Nobunaga.

In the manga, Nobunaga said he wanted to rule the clan together with him.

In the play, Da Vinci sometimes seem to be controlled by King Arthur. Nobukatsu realized that something is wrong with him as he takes his katana out to fight him, but Da Vinci shots him.