King Arthur
Japanese Name アーサー王
Gender Male. (Can appear as a female though deception)
Star Western
Anime Appearance Episode 2


King Arthur is the king of the Western star/planet. Gaius Julius Caesar claims that he is the saviour king of the world and that he will save it from destruction when he gathers all the regalia.

Appearance Edit

He is always dressed with a purple toga, with a hood that covers his head. His face is always covered in light, making the true look of the face hard to tell; even Da Vinci that he has never seen his face. He also seems to appear differently to others as shown by Gaius Julius Caesar which he looked female, meanwhile Alexander thought him as a male. Like now, Mitsuhide sees him as his father. His true apperance is an old man as Nobunaga was first to see through Arthur's deception.

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