Japanese Name ヒミコ
Gender Female
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 1


Himiko was the queen of the Yamatai country in the east. She inherited the ancient civilization of her ancestors, and had inherited a special power from them as well. She was shown to have a huge crush on Nobunaga and referred to him as "husband-to-be". .  It appeared she and Nobunaga were old childhood acquaintences.


She had long black hair and the side of her bangs were white. She had purple eyes and two purple dots on her forehead.


At times she was a really selfish and arrogant person as seen that she kind of forced Nobunaga to marry her. but later on it is shown that she actually had a pretty caring personality and actually really loved Nobunaga because when she realised that Nobunaga was about to get shot, she jumped in front of him and took the bullet, but survived it, but then got weakened because she was using too much of her powers as a priest.

During the War between the Eastern and Western Planets, Himiko used her Regalia and her power over the Ley Lines to the point of making her terminally. She pleaded to da Vinci not to tell anyone, not even Nobunaga of her illness. However, during the invasion of the western planet, Hideyoshi infomed Nobunaga of Himiko's terminal state, causing the latter toforbid use of the Azuchi. Disobeying this, Himiko used the last of her strength to guide the Azuchi into King Arthur's castle. Himiko finally succumbed to the illness in a distraught Nobunaga's arms, but not before finally accepting the love of him and Jeanne.

Heartbroken, Nobunaga promises to return her to the Earth.