Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Japanese Name トヨトミ・ヒデヨシ
Gender Male
Star Eastern
Anime Appearance Episode 1


Another of Nobunaga's retainers. He is hyperactive and vulgar, which earned him the nickname "monkey". He has shown to be proficient with machinery and is capable of great acrobatic feats, implying training in the shinobi arts. He eventually steals his own Giant War Armor from the Western Planet, which he named Goku, and is given the Wind Regalia by Nobunaga.

Nearly killed in battle by Alexander, but thanks to the efforts of Himiko and Da Vinci he survived and now he is part cyborg.


Toyotomi has spiky green hair and has a lean physical build. His eyes color is brown. He wears a typical Japanese history style clothing. He looks to be about 16 to 17 years of age.


Toyotomi seems to be a happy-go-lucky person who rarely gets angry and is ready to take on a challenge. He also seems to be a pervert. Despite his usually cheerful attitude, he told Jeanne that after the death of his sister, he wished to get revenge on the Oda clan, but after seeing Nobunaga's determination and strength he became his follower. He claims to have a mentality of "survival of the fittest" and if Nobunaga showed him any hesitation or weakness, he would kill him and become ruler of the earth and heaven himself, but Nobunaga proved him otherwise, so his loyalty to Nobunaga remained intact.