Hannibal Barca
Japanese Name ハンニバル・バルカ
Gender Female
Star Western
Anime Appearance Episode 14

A tall woman who wears a rather flamboyant dress. She appears to be the cruelest member of the Round Table as she would make repeated requests to have Caesar punished for his failures on the Eastern Planet. She is quite arrogant, often boasting that she could do a better job. She also hates liars as demonstrated when she grabbed Charlemagne's tongue and threaten to rip it out. It is possible that there might be some bad blood between them. She wields the regalia of water. After a failed attempt to acquire Nobunaga's regalia, she returns with the unconscious Jeanne Kaguya d'Arc and the deceased Charlemagne's wind regalia. As she plots to torture her captive, she is fatally stabbed in the back by Cesare Borgia.

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