Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius julius caesar 57148
Japanese Name ガイウス・ユリウス・カエサル
Gender Male
Star Western
Anime Appearance Episode 2


A masked man charged with dealing with the escaped Leonardo da Vinci. He pilots a Giant War Armor named Quo Vadis. He decides that he wants to have Ichihime for himself when he sees her while scouting out the Oda castle.

During the Takeda Clan's assault on the Oda Clan's castle, he appears and kills Nobuhide. He later kills Shingen with a surprise attack from behind before he can pass his wind regalia on to Nobunaga (which his subordinates Nell and Bianchi then steal), then proceeds to incite the Takeda Clan by claiming that Nobunaga was the one to stab Shingen from behind.

When he accepted a truce from the Oda Clan and a temporary alliance, he put the condition that Ichihime will become his queen in return for the peace between the factions. He seems to have a rivalry with Alexander. While he doesn't consider dishonorable to attack someone from behind, he claims to dislike killing women. Later during the skirmish against Charlemagne and Hannibal, he became allies with Nobunaga, as a result of his marriage to Ichihime.

He has two character songs titled WORLD IS MINE and DIGNIFIED ELEGANCE.


He has white hair with blue eyes and is always seen in a white uniform. Caesar wears a white turtleneck shirt with a crimson pendant on his neck, a gray vest, an open white military coat with some gold and black colour. His uniform is seem to be based on Prussian millitary uniform from the 18th century. This was supported by the flag Caesar's army bear in battle which resembles Prussian flag a lot. On some occasions, Caesar would wear his white-and-green cape over his uniform. The most obvious feature of his face is the mask that covers half his face.


He has a bright personality, but in battle, he changes into a cold and calm man as seen when he killed the father of Nobunaga without any hesitation. He is such a lover of women that he checks to make sure there are no women in the enemy line.

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