The Hierophant
Episode 7
Japanese Title 秘儀王
Romaji Title Higi Ō
Airdate 2014-02-23
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8
Nobunaga wants to get to the bottom of his brother’s death, so he decides to walk right up to Lord Shingen and ask if the enemy leader’s responsible for Nobukatsu’s assassination. Shingen denies it, which Nobunaga believes wholeheartedly, but in the end, they both do battle anyway. In the end, Nobunaga wins and Shingen wants to give both his regalias to Nobunaga. He gives the first one, but before Shingen can pass the second one, Caesar strikes out of nowhere and finishes Shingen off. Nobunaga is forced to retreat, and Caesar takes control of Shingen’s men by blaming their lord’s death on Nobunaga.

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