Episode 6
Japanese Title
Romaji Title Chikara
Airdate 2014-02-09
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
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In episode 6, Nobunaga continues to be away as the day of his father’s funeral draws near. During the funeral itself, the conspirators within the War Council continue to insist that Nobukatsu becomes the next clan leader, to which the younger brother reluctantly accepts. Nobunaga finally shows up, but says nothing as he throws some ash and sakura petals around before disappearing off. Infuriated by his actions, Jeanne decides to leave once and for all, but when she hears a beast crying in the distance, she rushes to see what’s going on. There, she encounters Nobunaga training his body beneath a waterfall, but she also spots a sniper attempting to assassinate the protagonist. The sniper pulls the trigger, but Himiko appears out of nowhere to block the shot instead. Meanwhile, Mitsuhide has taken it upon himself to assassinate Nobukatsu. He thinks that if the younger brother assumes leadership of the Oda Clan, the War Council will never allow Nobukatsu to relinquish it. And seeing as how Nobukatsu is hopeless at leading their army, Mitsuhide kills him.