The Tower
Episode 5
Japanese Title
Romaji Title
Airdate 2014-02-02
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
Previous Episode Episode 4
Next Episode Episode 6
Nobunaga insists on using his War Armor to launch a pre-emptive attack on Takeda, but Nobuhide continues to resist. After learning how to activate his Regalia, he decides to jump straight into the battle anyway. Unfortunately, he’s been poisoned just as he’s about to hop into his War Armor. When news of the advancing Takeda forces reach the castle, an unconscious Nobunaga forces Nobuhide to join the fray. When Nobunaga wakes up, Mitsuhide reveals he had been behind the “assassination” attempt all along. He wanted to prevent Nobunaga’s enemies from attacking his lord during the heat of battle. But when Nobunaga wakes up he still joins the battle and sees how his father gets killed by Caesar.

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