The Lovers
Episode 2
Japanese Title 恋人
Romaji Title Koibito
Airdate 2014-01-12
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
Previous Episode Episode 1
Next Episode Episode 3
Nobunaga uses Da Vinci’s fancy mecha to win a fight, and it most pleases him. On the way home, he learns that Jeanne has come to the Star of the East because her own Star is in danger, but as usual, she has no clue what that danger is. She thinks Nobunaga might be the fated Savior-King, but she’s not sure.  Da Vinci pledges his loyalty to our brash hero, asking for THE TRUTH OF THE UNIVERSE in return.  Moving on, Nobunaga returns home to warn his father about the military aggression he had just seen and been through. Meanwhile, the Round Table of Camelot sends Julius Caesar to go after Da Vinci.

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