The Fool
EPisode 12
Japanese Title 愚者
Romaji Title Orokamono
Airdate 2014-03-30
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Episode 13

Nobunaga invites Caeser to a tea party. At the tea party Caeser says that King Arthur is the Savior-King of the two world and Jeanne tells him that Nobunaga is the Savior-King according to her visions. Continuing their tea party, Caeser says that he wants the regalias from Nobunaga, but he also needs Nobunaga for the regalias to work, but Nobunaga refuses. After that Caeser offers to protect Nobunaga’s land in exchange for Ichihime to marry him and Ichihime accepts it.

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