Episode 11
Japanese Title 他界
Romaji Title Takai
Airdate 2014-03-23
Theme Music
Opening FOOL THE WORLD by Minori Chihara
Previous Episode Episode 10
Next Episode Episode 12
Even though Nobunaga now has three war armors at his disposal, Caesar is attacking his territories with ease. Eventually, Caesar and his army has Owari surrounded. Hoping to win it all in one final battle, Nobunaga makes a plan to take down Caesar once and for all. But on the brink of defeat, a dragon comes out of nowhere and lends its strength to Caesar. Caesar is thus able to turn the tides of battle, leaving Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Jeanne broken and defeated. But soon, even Caesar starts to lose control of his newfound powers, and this results in the death of Nobunaga’s people. Still, Caesar doesn’t finish Nobunaga and Jeanne off because he won't attack women.

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